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Research Faculty and Postdoctoral Positions in Seong-Gi Kim’s lab

Writer : Center for Neuroscience Imaging Resarch RegDate : 2014-11-04 Hit:14938

Multiple Research Faculty and Postdocpositions are available in the Seong-Gi Kim’s research group in the IBS Centerfor Neuroscience Imaging Research (CNIR) (cnir.ibs.re.kr) located at the Sungkyunkwan University Suwon campus. The Seong-Gi Kim group focuses on the examination of biophysical and physiological sources of magnetic resonance imaging signals, and the application of magnetic resonance imaging techniques for neuroscience research. The CNIR will house three research-dedicated MRsystem at summer of 2015 (9.4-T animal, 15.2-T animal and 3.0-T human MRI system), and will obtain a human 7-T system in the near future.Also CNIR will have rodent and non-human primate housing facilities, and is equippedwith two-photon laser scanning microscopes, wide-field microscopes and conventional neurophysiological tools, including single- unit recording and laser-Dopplerblood flow measurement.


Candidates are expected to perform collaborative research projects and to explore his/her own independent scientific interests. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering orrelated areas; neurobiology and neuropharmacology-oriented researchers are expected to collaborate with MR scientists and engineers. Especially, candidates should be able to write scientific reports with English, and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The starting time is flexible. Salary and position are dependent upon qualifications and experience. Please send CV, a statement of research experience and interests and two names of references to seonggikim@skku.edu. Please contact Seong-Gi Kim, Director of IBS CNIR, at 82-31-299-4350 if you have questions.