IBS Institute for Basic Science

  • Chungwon Park
  • Assistant Professor
  • Biomaterials, Drug Delivery System, Immunotherapy
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • chunparkskku.edu



We use biomaterials and drug delivery approaches to invent innovative treatment methods in order to effectively and safely cure various diseases, particularly severe ones such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. To this end, we engineer/process biomaterials and evaluate them in in vitro and in vivo settings.​


Selected Recent Publications

1. Park, H. H., Park, W., Lee, Y. Y., Kim, H., Seo, H. S., Choi, D. W., Kwon, H.-K., Na, D. H., Kim, T.-H., Choy, Y. B., Ahn, J. H.,* Lee, W.,* Park, C. G.*, Bioinspired DNase-I-coated melanin-like nanospheres for modulation of infection-associated NETosis dysregulation, Advanced Science, 2001940, 2020

2. Albrengues, J., Shields, M., Ng, M., Park, C. G., Ambrico, A., Poindexter, M., Upadhyay P., Uyeminami, D., Pommier, A., Küttner, V., Bružas, E., Maiorino, L., Bautista, C., Carmona, E. M., Gimotty, P. A., Fearon, D., Chang, K., Lyons, S. K., Pinkerton, K., Trotman, L. C., Goldberg, M. S., Yeh, J T.- H., Egeblad, M.,*  Neutrophil extracellular traps produced during inflammation awaken dormant cancer cells in mice, Science, 361(6409), eaar4227, 2018

3. Park, C. G., Hartl, C. A., Schmid, D., Carmona, E. M., Kim, H.- J., Goldberg, M. S.,* Extended Release of Perioperative Immunotherapy Prevents Tumor Recurrence and Eliminates Metastases, Science Translational Medicine, 10 (433), eaar1916, 2018

4. Schmid, D., Park, C. G., Hartl, C. A., Subedi, N., Cartwright A. N., Puerto, R. B., Zheng, Y., Maiarana, J., Freeman G. J., Wucherpfennig, K. W., Irvine, D. J., Goldberg, M. S.,* T cell-targeting Nanoparticles Focus Delivery of Immunotherapy to Improve Antitumor Immunity, Nature Communications, 1747, 2017 (These authors contributed equally to this work.)