10th A Decade of New Discoveries IBS Institute for Basic Science

  • Seng Bum Michael Yoo
  • Assistant Professor
  • Cognitive neuroscience, Neurophysiology, Continuous and interactive behavior
  • sbyoo.ur.bcs@gmail.com
  • http://myoolab.com




Neural Basis of Continuous Behavior (NBCB) lab aims to understand humans and animals' internal processes while making continuous and interactive decisions between multiple agents. We use human psychophysics, animal electrophysiology, and computational models to address our scientific question.


Specifically, we want to address normative behavior and neural dynamics of:


  • prediction and planning


  • information factorization and generalization across context


  • social inference and learning

    by using the real-time navigation/foraging/hunting task paradigm.

We are open to incorporate methods from various fields, including artificial neural networks and computational ethology (but not limited to).


Selected Recent Publications

1. Yoo, S.B.M., Hayden, B.Y., and Pearson, J.M. (2021). Continuous decisions. Philosophical Transactions Royal Soc B 376, 20190664.

2. Yoo, S. B. M., Tu, J. C., & Hayden, B. Y. Multicentric tracking of multiple agents by anterior cingulate cortex during pursuit and evasion. Nature Communication (2021, accepted)

3. Yoo, S.B.M., Tu, J.C., Piantadosi, S.T., and Hayden, B.Y. (2020). The neural basis of predictive pursuit. Nature Neurosci 23, 252–259.

4. Yoo, S.B.M., and Hayden, B.Y. (2020). The Transition from Evaluation to Selection Involves Neural Subspace Reorganization in Core Reward Regions. Neuron
105, 712-724.e4.

5. Yoo, S.B.M., and Hayden, B.Y. (2018). Economic Choice as an Untangling of Options into Actions. Neuron
99, 434–447.