IBS Institute for Basic Science


Sensorimotor Cognition Lab



My lab is interested in how attention and cognition modulate sensory neural representation and transmission of the neural information to the downstream motor areas in the brain. I use in-vivo neurophysiological recording techniques, computational modeling, and sophisticated behavioral control for understanding neural codes in the cortical/subcortical regions using NHP as an animal model. The lab also pursues to address the same questions using brain imaging techniques, including EEG and fMRI, through collaboration with others in the center.


Selected Recent Publications

1. Joonyeol Lee and Stephen G. Lisberger, "Gamma synchrony predicts neuron–neuron correlations and correlations with motor behavior in extrastriate visual area MT", Journal of Neuroscience 33: 19677-19688, 2013. 

2. Joonyeol Lee, Mati Joshua, Javier F. Medina, and Stephen G. Lisberger, "Signal, Noise, and Variation in Neural and Sensory-Motor Latency", Neuron 90: 1-2, 2016.


3. Jin Yang*, Joonyeol Lee*, and Stephen G. Lisberger, "The interaction of Bayesian priors and sensory data and its neural circuit implementation in visually guided movement", Journal of Neuroscience 32: 17632–17645, 2012 *Equal contribution.

4. Joonyeol Lee and John H. R. Maunsell, "Attentional modulation of MT neurons with single or multiple stimuli in their receptive fields", Journal of Neuroscience, 30: 3058-3066, 2010.

5. Joonyeol Lee and John H. R. Maunsell, "A normalization model of attentional modulation of single unit responses", PLoS ONE, 4(2): e4651, 2009.