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publication list

Dissection of brain-wide resting-state and functional somatosensory circuits by fMRI with optogenetic silencing

Won Beom Jung, Haiyan Jiang, Soohyun Lee, and Seong-Gi Kim [Proceedingd of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America   119(4)(2022) ]


Supramolecular assembly of protein building blocks: from folding to function

Nam Hyeong Kim, Hojae Choi, Zafar Muhammad Shahzad, Heesoo Ki, Jaekyoung Lee, Heeyeop Chae & Yong Ho Kim [NANO CONVERGENCE   9(2022) ]


Disrupted stepwise functional brain organization in overweight individuals

Hyebin Lee, Junmo Kwon, Jong-eun Lee, Bo-yong Park, Hyunjin Park [Communications Biology   5(2022) ]


Effect sizes and test retest reliability of the fMRI based Neurologic Pain Signature

Xiaochun Han, Yoni K. Ashar, Philip Kragel, Bogdan Petre, Victoria Schelkun, Lauren Y. Atlas, Luke J. Chang, Marieke Jepma, Leonie Koban, Elizabeth A. R. Losin, Mathieu Roy, Choong-Wan Woo, Tor D. Wager [NeuroImage   247, 118844-(2022) ]


Optically Anisotropic Topical Hemostatic Coacervate for Naked-Eye Identification of Blood Coagulation

Subin Jin, Sumin Kim, Dae Seok Kim, Donghee Son, Mikyung Shin [Advanced Materials   (2021) ]


Immune cell targeting nanoparticles: a review

Na Kyeong Lee, Se-Na Kim, Chun Gwon Park [Biomaterials Research   25(1), 1-11(2021) ]


Overview of radiomics in prostate imaging and future directions

Hwan-Ho Cho, Chan Kyo Kim, Hyunjin Park [British Journal of Radiology   9(2021) ]


D* from diffusion MRI reveals a correspondence between ventricular cerebrospinal fluid volume and flow in the ischemic rodent model

Minjung Jang, SoHyun Han, HyungJoon Cho [JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM   41(11), 1-12(2021) ]