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publication list

Punicalagin-Loaded Alginate/Chitosan-Gallol Hydrogels for Efficient Wound Repair and Hemostasis

Jaewon Ju, Jungwoo Kim, Yeonsun Choi, Subin Jin, Sumin Kim, Donghee Son and Mikyung Shin [POLYMERS   14(16), 3248-(2022) ]


Tyramine-Functionalized Alginate-Collagen Hybrid Hydrogel Inks for 3D-Bioprinting

Sung Dong Kim, Subin Jin, Sumin Kim, Donghee Son and Mikyung Shin [POLYMERS   14(15), 3173-(2022) ]


Whole-brain perfusion mapping in mice by dynamic BOLD MRI with transient hypoxia

DongKyu Lee, Thuy Thi Le, Geun Ho Im and Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism   (2022) ]


Psychological well-being and salivary markers of inflammation: The moderating effect of age

Sung-Ha Lee, Jeanyung Chey, Woo-Young Ahn, Choong-Wan Woo, Yoosik Youm, Hairin Kim, Naeun Oh, Hyeyoung Park, Suhwan Gim, Eunjin Lee, Incheol Choi [Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being   (2022) ]


A convergent structure–function substrate of cognitive imbalances in autism

Seok-Jun Hong, Laurent Mottron, Bo-yong Park, Oualid Benkarim, Sofie L Valk, Casey Paquola, Sara Larivière, Reinder Vos de Wael, Janie Degré-Pelletier, Isabelle Soulieres, Bruce Ramphal, Amy Margolis, Michael Milham, Adriana Di Martino, Boris C Bernhardt [Cerebral Cortex   (2022) ]


Stretchable colour-sensitive quantum dot nanocomposites for shape-tunable multiplexed phototransistor arrays

Jun-Kyul Song, Junhee Kim, Jiyong Yoon, Ja Hoon Koo, Kyumin Kang, Hyunjin Jung, Sung-Hyuk Sunwoo, Seungwon Yoo, Hogeun Chang, Jinwoung Jo, Woonhyuk Baek, Sanghwa Lee, Mikyung Shin, Taeghwan Hyeon, Dae-Hyeong Kim, and Donghee Son [Nature Nanotechnology   (2022) ]


Adolescent development of multiscale structural wiring and functional interactions in the human connectome

Bo-yong Park, Casey Paquola, Richard A. I. Bethlehem, Oualid Benkarima, Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network (NSPN) Consortium, Bratislav Misic, Jonathan Smallwood, Edward T. Bullmore, and Boris C. Bernhardt [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America   119(27), e2116673119-(2022) ]


Theory of chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI in the context of different magnetic fields

Moritz Zaiss, Tao Jin, Seong-Gi Kim, Daniel F. Gochberg [NMR in Biomedicine   (2022) ]