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publication list

Common and stimulus-type-specific brain representations of negative affect

Marta Čeko, Philip A. Kragel, Choong-Wan Woo, Marina López-Solà & Tor D. Wager [Nature Neuroscience   25, 760-770(2022) ]


A multistudy analysis reveals that evoked pain intensity representation is distributed across brain systems

Bogdan Petre, Philip Kragel, Lauren Y. Atlas, Stephan Geuter, Marieke Jepma, Leonie Koban, Anjali Krishnan, Marina Lopez-Sola, Elizabeth A. Reynolds Losin, Mathieu Roy, Choong-Wan Woo, Tor D. Wager [PLoS Biology   (2022) ]


Individual variability in brain representations of pain

Lada Kohoutová, Lauren Y. Atlas, Christian Büchel, Jason T. Buhle, Stephan Geuter, Marieke Jepma, Leonie Koban, Anjali Krishnan, Dong Hee Lee, Sungwoo Lee, Mathieu Roy, Scott M. Schafer, Liane Schmidt, Tor D. Wager & Choong-Wan Woo [Nature Neuroscience   25(6), 749-759(2022) ]


Role of anterior cingulate cortex inputs to periaqueductal gray for pain avoidance

Jeong-Yun Lee, Taeyi You, Choong-Hee Lee, Geun Ho Im, Heewon Seo, Choong-Wan Woo, Seong-Gi Kim [Current Biology   (2022) ]


Long-range functional connections mirror and link microarchitectural and cognitive hierarchies in the human brain

Yezhou Wang, Jessica Royer, Bo-yong Park, Reinder Vos de Wael, Sara Larivière, Shahin Tavakol, Raul Rodriguez-Cruces, Casey Paquola, Seok-Jun Hong, Daniel S Margulies, Jonathan Smallwood, Sofie L Valk, Alan C Evans, Boris C Bernhardt [Cerebral Cortex   (2022) ]


Pallidal Structural Changes Related with Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease

Jinyoung Youn, Mansu Kim, Suyeon Park, Ji Sun Kim, Hyunjin Park and Jin Whan Cho [Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience   14, 781883-(2022) ]


Population heterogeneity in clinical cohorts affects the predictive accuracy of brain imaging

Oualid Benkarim, Casey Paquola, Bo-yong Park, Valeria Kebets, Seok-Jun Hong, Reinder Vos de Wael, Shaoshi Zhang, B. T. Thomas Yeo, Michael Eickenberg, Tian Ge, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Boris C. Bernhardt, Danilo Bzdok [PLoS Biology   20(4), e3001627-(2022) ]


Customized Radiofrequency Phased-Array Coil Combining Transmit-Only, Receive-Only, and Transmit/Receive Coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Visual Cortex at 7 Tesla

Hyeong-Seop Kim, Byung-Pan Song, Royoung Kim, Woo-Chul Choi, Donghyuk Kim, Won Mok Shim, Kyoung-Nam Kim, and Seung-Kyun Lee [IEEE Access   10, 42083-42093(2022) ]