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Mapping brain glucose uptake with chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock magnetic resonance imaging

Tao Jin, Hunter Mehrens, Kristy S Hendrich and Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism   34, 1402-1410(2014) ]

MRI, CEST, chemical exchange, deoxyglucose, glucose metabolism, glucose transport


ZnO Nanowire Arrays on 3D Hierachical Graphene Foam: Biomarker Detection of Parkinson`s Disease

Hong Yan Yue, Shuo Huang, Jian Chang, Chaejeong Heo, Fei Yao, Subash Adhikari, Fethullah Gunes, Li Chun Liu, Tae Hoon Lee, Eung Seok Oh, Bing Li, Jian Jiao Zhang, Ta Quang Huy, Nguyen Van Luan, Young Hee Lee [ACS NANO   8(2), 1639-1646(2014) ]

Neural Engineering, ZnO nanowire arrays, graphene foam, biosensor, biomarker detection, Parkinson`s disease


Temperature- and size-dependent characteristics in ultrathin inorganic light-emitting diodes assembled by transfer printing

Tae-il Kim, Soo Hyun Lee, Yuhang Li, Yan Shi, Gunchul Shin, Sung Dan Lee, Yonggang Huang, John A. Rogers, Jae Su Yu [APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS   104, 051901(2014) ]

Neural Engineering


Layer-dependent BOLD and CBV-weighted fMRI responses in the rat olfactory bulb

Alexander John Poplawsky, Seong-Gi Kim [NeuroImage   91, 237-251(2014) ]

MRI, Functional MRI, Olfactory bulb, BOLD, Cerebral blood volume (CBV), Monocrystalline iron oxide nanoparticles(MION), Layer dependent


Compressed sensing fMRI using gradient-recalled echo and EPI sequences

Xiaopeng Zong, Juyoung Lee, Alexander John Poplawsky, Seong-Gi Kim, Jong Chul Ye [NeuroImage   92, 312-321(2014) ]

MRI, Compressed sensing, fMRI, k–t FOCUSS, Olfactory bulb, Somatosensory cortex, BOLD, CBV, High magnetic field


Nanoscale Intracortical Iron Injection Induces Chronic Epilepsy in Rodent

Areum Jo, Chaejeong Heo, Theodore H. Schwartz, and Minah Suh [Journal of Neuroscience Research   92, 389-397(2014) ]

Neurovascular Signaling, microhemorrhage, epilepsy, GABAergic, interneuron hemodynamics, in vivo optical imaging


Regional Cerebral Blood Flow and Arterial Blood Volume and their Reactivity to Hypercapnia in Hypertensive and Normotensive Rats

Tae Kim, J Richard Jennings and Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism   34, 408-414(2014) ]

MRI, arterial CBV, BOLD, CBF, cerebrovascular reactivity, hippocampus, hypertension


Fabrication and application of flexible, multimodal light-emitting devices for wireless optogenetics

Jordan G McCall, Tae-il Kim, Gunchul Shin, Xian Huang, Yei Hwan Jung,Ream Al-Hasani, Fiorenzo G Omenetto, Michael R Bruchas, John A Rogers [nature protocols   8(12), 2413-2428(2014) ]

Neural Engineering