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publication list

Non-invasive MRI Assessments of Tissue Microstructures and Macromolecules in the Eye upon Biomechanical or Biochemical Modulation

Leon C. Ho, Ian A. Sigal, Ning-Jiun Jan, Xiaoling Yang, Yolandi van der Merwe, Yu Yu, Ying Chau, Christopher K. Leung, Ian P. Conner, Tao Jin, Ed X. Wu, Seong-Gi Kim, Gadi Wollstein, Joel S. Schuman & Kevin C. Chan [Scientific Reports   6, 32080-(2016) ]


Factors forming the BRCA1-A complex orchestrate BRCA1 recruitment to the sites of DNA damage

Joonyoung Her, Nam Soo Lee, Yonghwan Kim and Hongtae Kim [Acta Biochimica et Niophysica Sinica   48(7), 658-664(2016) ]

BRCA1 complexes, BRCA1, RAP80, MERIT40, DNA damage


Submillimeter-resolution fMRI: Toward understanding local neural processing

M. Fukuda, A.J. Poplawsky, S.-G. Kim [PROGRESS IN BRAIN RESEARCH   225, 123-152(2016) ]


High Slew-Rate Head-Only Gradient for Improving Distortion in Echo Planar Imaging: Preliminary Experience

Ek T. Tan, Seung-Kyun Lee, Paul T. Weavers, Dominic Graziani, Joseph E. Piel, Yunhong Shu, John Huston III, Matt A. Bernstein, Thomas K.F. Foo [Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging   44(3), 653-664(2016) ]


Phosphorylation of Astrin regulates its Kinetochore Function

Hee Jin Chung, Ji Eun Park, Nam Soo Lee, Hongtae Kim, Chang-Young Jang [Journal of Biological Chemistry   291(34), 17579-17592(2016) ]


Retinal Structures and Visual Cortex Activity are Impaired Prior to Clinical Vision Loss in Glaucoma

Matthew C. Murphy, Ian P. Conner, Cindy Y. Teng, Jesse D. Lawrence, Zaid Safiullah, Bo Wang, Richard A. Bilonick, Seong-Gi Kim, Gadi Wollstein, Joel S. Schuman, Kevin C. Chan [Scientific Reports   6, Article 31464-(2016) ]


Identification and Reduction of Image Artifacts in Non–Contrast-Enhanced Velocity-Selective Peripheral Angiography at 3T

Taehoon Shin, Qin Qin, Jang-Yeon Park, Robert S. Crawford, Sanjay Rajagopalan [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   76(2), 466-477(2016) ]


MR-based conductivity imaging using multiple receiver coils

Joonsung Lee, Jaewook Shin, Dong-Hyun Kim [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   76(2), 530-539(2016) ]