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publication list

Highly durable and unidirectionally stooped polymeric nanohairs for gecko-like dry adhesive

Hyeon Seong Im, Ki Yoon Kwon, Jong Uk Kim, Kwang Su Kim, Hoon Yi, Pil J Yoo, Changhyun Pang, Hoon Eui Jeong and Tae-il Kim [NANOTECHNOLOGY   26(41), 415301 1-6(2015) ]


Step-Index Optical Fiber Made of Biocompatible Hydrogels

Myunghwan Choi, Matjaž Humar, Seonghoon Kim, Seok-Hyun Yun [Advanced Materials   27(27), 4081-4086(2015) ]


Individual differences in oscillatory brain activity in response to varying attentional demands during a word recall and oculomotor dual task

Gusang Kwon, Sanghyun Lim, Min-Young Kim, Hyukchan Kwon, Yong-Ho Lee, Kiwoong Kim, Eun-Ju Lee, Minah Suh [FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE   9, Article 381 1-11(2015) ]

working memory capacity, dual-task, oculomotor task, word recall task, MEG and EEG, alpha band desynchronization, frontal midline theta


Decoding Accuracy in Supplementary Motor Cortex Correlates with Perceptual Sensitivity to Tactile Roughness

Junsuk Kim, Yoon Gi Chung, Jang-Yeon Park, Soon-Cheol Chung, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Sung-Phil Kim [PLOS ONE   129777, 1-17(2015) ]


A mathematical model relating cortical oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin flows and volumes to neural activity

Nathan R Cornelius, Nozomi Nishimura, Minah Suh, Theodore H Schwartz and Peter C Doerschuk [JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING   12(4), 046013 1-17(2015) ]


Retrieval-Induced Inhibition in Short-Term Memory

Min-Suk Kang and Joongrul Choi [Psychological Science   26(7), 1014-1025(2015) ]

short-term memory, visual memory, attention, forgetting, motion perception


Distributed functions of detection and discrimination of vibrotactile stimuli in the hierarchical human somatosensory system

Junsuk Kim, Klaus-Robert Muller, Yoon Gi Chung, Soon-Cheol Chung, Jang-Yeon Park, Heinrich H. Bulthoff, and Sung-Phil Kim [FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE   8, Article 1070 1-10(2015) ]

fMRI, vibrotactile stimulation, somatosensory cortex, functional specialization, hierarchical tactile processing


Theoretical analysis of flexible strain-gauge sensor with nanofibrillar mechanical interlocking

Sangyul Baik, Namhun Kim, Tae-il Kim, Heeyeop Chae, Ki Hyun Kim, Changhyun Pang , Kahp-Yang Suh [Current Applied Physics   15(3), 274-278(2015) ]

Flexible device; Strain gauge sensor; Mechanical interlocking; Nanofibrillar