IBS Institute for Basic Science

publication list

A connectome-wide functional signature of trait anger

M. Justin Kim, Maxwell L. Elliott, Annchen R. Knodt, Ahmad R. Hariri [Clinical Psychological Science   (2021) ]


Post-stroke cognitive impairment: Pathophysiological insights into brain disconnectome from advanced neuroimaging analysis techniques

Lim, Jae-Sung, Lee, Jae-Joong, Woo, Choong-Wan [Journal of Stroke   23(3), 297-311(2021) ]


Short Review on Advances in Hydrogel-based Drug Delivery Strategies for Cancer Immunotherapy

Hee seung Seo, Chi-Pin James Wang, Wooram Park and Chun Gwon Park [Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine   (2021) ]


Skin-like transparent polymer–hydrogel hybrid pressure sensor with pyramid microstructures

Kyumin Kang, Hyunjin Jung, Soojung An, Hyoung Won Baac, Mikyung Shin, Donghee Son [Polymers   13(19), 3272-(2021) ]


Phenol–hyaluronic acid conjugates: Correlation of oxidative crosslinking pathway and adhesiveness

Jungwoo Kim, Sumin Kim, Donghee Son, Mikyung Shin [Polymers   13(18), 3130-(2021) ]


Sundew-inspired adhesive hydrogel threads through reversible complexation of polyphenol and boronic acid

Jae Hyuk Choi, Donghee Son, Mikyung Shin [Applied Sciences (Switzerland)   11(18), 8591-(2021) ]


A Bioinspired Stretchable Sensory-Neuromorphic System

Sun Hong Kim, Geun Woo Baek...Jin-Hong Park and Donghee Son [Advanced Materials   (2021) ]


Sequence-dependent aggregation-prone conformations of islet amyloid polypeptide

Bumjoon Choi, Nam Hyeong Kim,Geun Young Jin, Yung Sam Kim [Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics   (2021) ]