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publication list

Pleomorphic carcinoma of the lung: Prognostic models of semantic, radiomics and combined features from CT and PET/CT in 85 patients

Chohee Kim, Hwan-Ho Cho, Joon Young Choi, Teri J Franks, Joungho Han, Yeonu Choi, Se-Hoon Lee, Hyunjin Park, Kyung Soo Lee [European Journal of Radiology Open   8, 100351-(2021) ]


Noise Reduction for SD-OCT Using a Structure-Preserving Domain Transfer Approach

Menglin Wu, Wei Chen, Qiang Chen, Hyunjin Park [IEEE J Biomed Health Inform   (2021) ]


Extra basal ganglia iron content and non motor symptoms in drug naive, early Parkinsons disease

Minkyeong Kim, Seulki Yoo, Doyeon Kim, Jin Whan Cho, Ji Sun Kim, Jong Hyun Ahn, Jun Kyu Mun, Inyoung Choi, Seung-Kyun Lee & Jinyoung Youn [Neurological Sciences   (2021) ]


Are radiomics features universally applicable to different organs?

Seung-Hak Lee, Hwan-Ho Cho, Junmo Kwon, Ho Yun Lee, Hyunjin Park [Cancer Imaging   21(1)(2021) ]


Contribution of excitatory and inhibitory neuronal activity to BOLD fMRI

Hyun Seok Moon, Haiyan Jiang, Thanh Tan Vo, Won Beom Jung, Alberto L Vazquez, and Seong-Gi Kim [CEREBRAL CORTEX   , 1-15(2021) ]


Mapping functional gradients of the striatal circuit using simultaneous microelectric stimulation and ultrahigh-field fMRI in non-human primates: Mapping the dorsal and ventral striatum circuits

Min-Jun Han, Chan-Ung Park, Sangyun Kang, Byounghoon Kim, Aki Nikolaidis, Michael P. Milhamd, Seok Jun Hong, Seong-Gi Kim, Eunha Baeg [Neuroimage   236, 1-11(2021) ]


Simultaneous estimation procedure reveals the object-based, but not space-based, dependence of visual working memory representations

Hirotaka Sone, Min-Suk Kang, Aedan Y. Li, Hiroyuki Tsubomi, Keisuke Fukuda [Cognition   209(2021) ]


Primate ventral striatum maintains neural representations of the value of previously rewarded objects for habitual seeking

"Joonyoung Kang, Hyeji Kim, Seong Hwan Hwang, Minjun Han, Sue-Hyun Lee & [Nature Communications   12(2021) ]