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publication list

Inter-individual body mass variations relate to fractionated functional brain hierarchies

Bo-Yong Park, Hyunjin Park, Filip Morys, Mansu Kim, Kyoungseob Byeon, Hyebin Lee, Se-Hong Kim, Sofie L Valk, Alain Dagher, Boris C Bernhardt [Communications Biology   4, 735-(2021) ]


Rethinking a non-predominant pattern in invasive lung adenocarcinoma: Prognostic dissection focusing on a high-grade pattern

Yeonu Choi, Jonghoon Kim, Hyunjin Park, Hong Kwan Kim, Jhingook Kim, Ji Yun Jeong, Joong Hyun Ahn, and Ho Yun Lee [Cancers   13(11), 2785-(2021) ]


A cascaded neural network for staging in non-small cell lung cancer using pre-treatment CT

Jieun Choi, Hwan-ho Cho, Junmo Kwon, Ho Yun Lee and Hyunjin Park [Diagnostics   11, 1047-(2021) ]


Therapeutic Quadrisected Annular Array for Improving Magnetic Resonance Compatibility

Seoyun Chang, Hyunkyung Na, Minseok Koo, Taewon Choi, Younghoon Kim, Sun Ah Park, Seungkyun Lee, Jinhyoung Park [IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering   Early Access(2021) ]


Characterization of brain‑wide somatosensory BOLD fMRI in mice under dexmedetomidine/isoflurane and ketamine/xylazine

Taeyi You, Geun Ho Im & Seong‑Gi Kim [Scientific Reports   11, 13110-(2021) ]


Determining laminar neuronal activity from BOLD fMRI using a generative model

Kamil Uludag and Martin Havlicek [Progress in Neurobiology   , 102055-(2021) ]


Induced astigmatism biases the orientation information represented in multivariate electroencephalogram activities

Sangkyu Son, Joonsik Moon, Hyungoo Kang, Yee-Joon Kim, Joonyeol Lee [HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING   , 1-12(2021) ]


Robust and distributed neural representation of action values

Eun Ju Shin, Yunsil Jang, Soyoun Kim, Hoseok Kim, Xinying Cai, Hyunjung Lee, Jung Hoon Sul, Sung-Hyun Lee, Yeonseung Chung, Daeyeol Lee Is a corresponding author, Min Whan Jung [eLife   , 53045-(2021) ]