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publication list

Mouse BOLD fMRI at ultrahigh field detects somatosensory networks including thalamic nuclei

Won Beom Jung, Hyun-Ji Shim, Seong-gi Kim [NeuroImage   195, 203-214(2019) ]


Decoding Visual Roughness Perception: an fMRI Study

Junsuk Kim, Isabelle Bülthoff, Heinrich H. Bülthoff [Somatosensory & Motor Research   35, 212-217(2019) ]


MRI techniques to measure arterial and venous cerebral blood volume

Jun Hua, Peiying Liu, Tae Kim, Manus Donahue, Swati Rane, Jean Chen, Qin Qin, Seong-Gi Kim [NeuroImage   187, 17-31(2019) ]


Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) Imaging of Phosphocreatine in

Julius Juhyun Chung, Tao Jin, Jung Hee Lee, Seong-Gi Kim [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   , 1-12(2019) ]


Longitudinal study of hemodynamics and dendritic membrane potential changes in the mouse cortex following a soft cranial window installation

Hyejin Park, Nayeon You, Juheon Lee, Minah Suh [Neurophotonics   6, 15006-(2019) ]


Spatially guided functional correlation tensor: A new method to associate body mass index and white matter neuroimaging

Kyongseob Byeon, Bo-yong Park, Hyunjin Park [Computers in Biology and Medicine   107, 137-144(2019) ]


FuNP(Fusion of Neuroimaging Preprocessing) Pipelines: A Fully Automated Preprocessing Software for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Bo-youg Park, Kyoungseob Byeon, Hyunjin Park [frontiers in Neuroinformatics   (2019) ]


Physical exercise enhances adult cortical plasticity in a neonatal rat model of hypoxic-ischemic injury: Evidence from BOLD-fMRI and electrophysiological recordings

Sun Young Chae, Jun Ho Jang, Geun Ho Im, Ji-Hyun Jeong, Won-Beom Jung, Sukjin Ko, Hyesoo Jie [NeuroImage   , 335-345(2019) ]