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publication list

Determining laminar neuronal activity from BOLD fMRI using a generative model

Kamil Uludag and Martin Havlicek [Progress in Neurobiology   , 102055-(2021) ]


Induced astigmatism biases the orientation information represented in multivariate electroencephalogram activities

Sangkyu Son, Joonsik Moon, Hyungoo Kang, Yee-Joon Kim, Joonyeol Lee [HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING   , 1-12(2021) ]


Robust and distributed neural representation of action values

Eun Ju Shin, Yunsil Jang, Soyoun Kim, Hoseok Kim, Xinying Cai, Hyunjung Lee, Jung Hoon Sul, Sung-Hyun Lee, Yeonseung Chung, Daeyeol Lee Is a corresponding author, Min Whan Jung [eLife   , 53045-(2021) ]


Stem cell restores thalamocortical plasticity to rescue cognitive deficit in neonatal intraventricular hemorrhage

So Yoon Ahn, Hyesoo Jie, Won-Beom Jung, Ji-Hyun Jeong, Sukjin Ko, Geun Ho Im, Won Soon Park, Jung Hee Lee, Yun Sil Chang, Seungsoo Chung [Experimental Neurology   342, 113736-(2021) ]


Sub-millimetre resolution laminar fMRI using Arterial Spin Labelling in humans at 7 T

Sriranga Kashyap, Dimo Ivanov, Martin Havlicek, Laurentius Huber, Benedikt A. Poser, Kâmil Uludağ [PLoS ONE   16(5), e0251774-(2021) ]


Orthopedic surgery-induced cognitive dysfunction is mediated by CX3CL1/R1 signaling

Inja Cho, Jeong Min Kim, Eun Jung Kim, So Yeon Kim, Eun Hee Kam, Eunji Cheong, Minah Suh & Bon-Nyeo Koo [Journal of Neuroinflammation   18, 93-(2021) ]


Pleomorphic carcinoma of the lung: Prognostic models of semantic, radiomics and combined features from CT and PET/CT in 85 patients

Chohee Kim, Hwan-Ho Cho, Joon Young Choi, Teri J Franks, Joungho Han, Yeonu Choi, Se-Hoon Lee, Hyunjin Park, Kyung Soo Lee [European Journal of Radiology Open   8, 100351-(2021) ]


Noise Reduction for SD-OCT Using a Structure-Preserving Domain Transfer Approach

Menglin Wu, Wei Chen, Qiang Chen, Hyunjin Park [IEEE J Biomed Health Inform   (2021) ]