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publication list

Comprehensive computed tomography radiomics analysis of lung adenocarcinoma for prognostication

Geewon Lee, Hyunjin Park, Insuk Sohn, Seung-Hak Lee, So Hee Song, Hyeseung Kim, Kyung Soo Lee, Young Mog Shim, Ho Yun Lee [Oncologist   23, 806-813(2018) ]


Mouse fMRI under ketamine and xylazine anesthesia: Robust contralateral somatosensory cortex activation in response to forepaw stimulation

Shim HJ, Jung WB, Schlega F, Lee J, Kim S, Lee J, and Kim SG [NeuroImage   177, 30-44(2018) ]


Radiomics features to distinguish glioblastoma from primary central nervous system lymphoma on multi-parametric MRI

Yikyung Kim, Hwan-ho Cho, Sung Tae Kim, Hyunjin Park, Dohyun Nam, Doo-Sik Kongk [Neuroradiology   (2018) ]


Radiomics signature on magnetic resonance imaging: Association with disease-free survival in patients with invasive breast cancer

Hyunjin Park, Yaeji Lim, Eun Sook Ko, Hwan-ho Cho, Jeong Eon Lee, Boo-Kyung Han, Eun Young Ko, Ji Soo Choi, Ko Woon Park [Clinical Cancer Research   (2018) ]


Chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock (CESL) MRI of glucose and analogs in brain tumors

Tao Jin, Bistra Iordanova, T. Kevin Hitchens, Michel Modo, Ping Wang, [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   80, 488-495(2018) ]


Rapid, theoretically artifact-free calculation of static magnetic field induced by voxelated susceptibility distribution in an arbitrary volume of interest

Seung-Kyun Lee, Seon-ha Hwang, Ji-Seong Barg, Seok-Jin Yeo [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   Early view(2018) ]


Biophysics of BOLD fMRI Investigated with Animal Models

Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Magnetic Resonance   292, 82-89(2018) ]


Chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock MRI of glucose analog 3-O-methyl-D-glucose in normal and ischemic brain

Tao Jin, Hunter Mehrens, Ping Wang, and Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism   38, 869-880(2018) ]