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publication list

Efficient Experimental Design for Measuring Magnetic Susceptibility of Arbitrarily Shaped Materials by MRI

Seon-ha Hwang, Seung-Kyun Lee [Investigative Magnetic Resonance Imaging   22, 141-149(2018) ]


Prospects of deep learning for medical imaging

Jonghoon Kim, Jisu Hong, Hyunjin Park [Precision and Future Medicine   2, 37-52(2018) ]


Predicting survival using pre-treatment CT for HCC patients treated with TACE: comparison of models using radiomics

Jonghoon Kim, Seung Joon Choi, Seung-hak Lee, Ho Yun Lee, Hyunjin Park [American Journal of Roentgenology   211, 1026-1034(2018) ]


Mapping Exchangeable Protons to Monitor Protein Alterations in the Brain of an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model by using MRI

Geon-Ho Jahng, Wonmin Choi, Julius Juhyun Chung, Sang Tae Kim, Hak Young Rhee [Current Alzheimer research   15, 1343-1353(2018) ]


Inhibitory neuron activity contributions to hemodynamic responses and metabolic load examined using an inhibitory optogenetic mouse model

Alberto L. Vazquez, Mitsuhiro Fukuda and Seong-Gi Kim [Cerebral Cortex   28, 4105-4119(2018) ]


Gradient-echo-based 3D submillisecond echo time pulmonary MR imaging: a preliminary usability study on clinical and preclinical MR scanners

Soon Ho Yoon, Chanhee Lee, Jinil Park, Jin Mo Goo, Jang-Yeon Park [BRITISH INST RADIOLOGY   91(2018) ]


DEWS (DEep White matter hyperintensity Segmentation framework): A fully automated pipeline for detecting small deep white matter hyperintensities in migraineurs

Bo-yong Park, Mi Ji Lee, Seung-hak Lee, Jihoon Cha, Chin-Sang Chung, Sung Tae Kim, Hyunjin Park [NeuroImage: Clinical   18, 638-647(2018) ]


Biosafe, Eco-Friendly Levan Polysaccharide toward

Ki Yoon Kwon, Ju Seung Lee, Gwan-Jin Ko, Sung Hyuk Sunwoo, Sori Lee, Young Jin Jo, Chul Hee Choi, Suk-Won Hwang,* and Tae-il Kim* [SMALL   14(2018) ]