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publication list

Neural representations of perceptual color experience in the human ventral visual pathway

Insub Kim, Sang Wook Hong, Steven K. Shevell, and Won Mok Shim [PNAS   117(23), 26 May , 13145-13150(2020) ]


BOLD fMRI and hemodynamic responses to somatosensory stimulation in anesthetized mice: spontaneous breathing vs. mechanical ventilation

Hyun‐Ji Shim Joonyeol Lee Seong‐Gi Kim [NMR IN BIOMEDICINE   33, 15 April (2020) ]

anesthesia, BOLD fMRI, cerebral blood volume, forepaw stimulation, isoflurane, ketamine, vascular reactivity


Individual-Level Lesion-Network Mapping to Visualize the Effects of a Stroke Lesion on the Brain Network: Connectograms in Stroke Syndromes

Jae-Sung Lim,Jae-Joong Lee,Choong-Wan Woo, Jooyeon Song, Mi-Sun Oh,Kyung-Ho Yu,and Byung-Chul Lee [Journal of Clinical Neurology   16, 16 January , 116-123(2020) ]


The orbitofrontal cortex functionally links obesity and white matter hyperintensities

B. Park, K. Byeon, M. J. Lee, S.-H. Kim, and H. Park [Scientific Reports   10(2020) ]


Integration of locomotion and auditory signals in the mouse inferior colliculus

Yoonsun Yang, Joonyeol Lee, Gunsoo Kim [eLife   9, 1-17(2020) ]


Radiomics in Lung Cancer from Basic to Advanced: Current Status and Future Directions

G. Lee, Hyunjin Park, S. H. Bak, and H. Y. Lee [Korean Journal of Radiology   21, 159-171(2020) ]


Model-based Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI for Robust z-Spectrum Analysis

Hoonjae Lee, Julius Juhyun Chung, Joonyeol Lee, Seong-Gi Kim, Jae-Ho Han, and Jaeseok Park [IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING   39, 283-293(2020) ]


Orbitofrontal cortex is selectively activated in a primate model of attentional bias to cocaine cues

Eunha Baeg, Hank Jedema, and Charles Bradberry [Neuropsychopharmacology   45, 675-682(2020) ]