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publication list

Investigations of hypoxia-induced deoxyhemoglobin as a contrast agent for cerebral perfusion imaging

Ece Su Sayin, Jacob Schulman, Julien Poublanc, Harrison T. Levine, Lakshmikumar Venkat Raghavan, Kamil Uludag, James Duffin, Joseph A. Fisher, David J. Mikulis, Olivia Sobczyk [HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING   (2022) ]


Electrochemically exfoliated phosphorene nanosheet thin films for wafer-scale near-infrared phototransistor array

Youngseo Jeon, Dongjoon Rhee, Bing Wu, Vlastimil Mazanek, In Soo Kim, Donghee Son, Zdeněk Sofer & Joohoon Kang [npj 2D Materials and Applications   6, 82-(2022) ]


Surprise as an Emotion: A Response to Ortony

Maital Neta, M. Justin Kim [Perspectives on Psychological Science   (2022) ]


Coordinated cortical thickness alterations across six neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders

M. D. Hettwer, S. Larivière, B.-y. Park, O. A van den Heuvel, L. Schmaal, O. A. Andreassen, C. R. K. Ching, M. Hoogman, J. Buitelaar, D. van Rooij, D. J. Veltman, D. J Stein, B. Franke, T. G. M. van Erp, ENIGMA ADHD Working Group, ENIGMA Autism Working Group, ENIGMA Bipolar Disorder Working Group, ENIGMA Major Depression Working Group, ENIGMA OCD Working Group, ENIGMA Schizophrenia Working Group, N. Jahanshad, P. M Thompson, S. I Thomopoulos, R. A. I. Bethlehem, B. C Bernhardt, S. B. Eickhoff, and S. L. Valk [Nature Communications   13, 6851-(2022) ]


Volumetric variability of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex reflects the propensity for engaging in high stakes gambling behavior

Kyuli Lee, Nayoung Kim, Eun-Joo Jeong, Min-Suk Kang, M. Justin Kim [Brain Sciences   12(11), 1460-(2022) ]


General-Purpose Ultrasound Neuromodulation System for Chronic, Closed-Loop Preclinical Studies in Freely Behaving Rodents

Yehhyun Jo, Sang-Mok Lee, Taesub Jung, Gijae Park, Chanhee Lee, Geun Ho Im,Seongju Lee, Jin Soo Park, Chaerin Oh, Geon Kook, Hyunggug Kim, Seongyeon Kim,Byung Chul Lee, Greg S.B. Suh, Seong-Gi Kim, Jeongyeon Kim,* and Hyunjoo J. Lee* [Advanced Materials   (2022) ]


Optogenetic fMRI for Brain-Wide Circuit Analysis of Sensory Processing

Jeong-Yun Lee, Taeyi You, Choong-Wan Woo and Seong-Gi Kim [International Journal of Molecular Sciences   23(20), 12268-(2022) ]


Improved laminar specificity and sensitivity by combining SE and GE BOLD signals

SoHyun Han, Seulgi Eun, HyungJoon Cho, Kamil Uludaǧ, Seong-Gi Kim [Neuroimage   264, 119675-(2022) ]