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publication list

Joint-connectivity-based sparse canonical correlation analysis of imaging genetics for detecting biomarkers of Parkinson’s disease

Mansu Kim, Ji Hye Won, Jinyoung Youn, Hyunjin Park [IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging   (2020) ]


Model-Based High-Definition Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI for Concurrent Estimation of Perfusion and Microvascular Permeability

Joon Sik Park, Eunji Lim, Seung-Hong Choi, Chul-Ho Sohn, Joonyeol Lee, Jaeseok Park [Medical Image Analysis   (2020) ]


Two-step deep neural network for segmentation of deep white matter hyperintensities in migraineurs

Jisu Hong, Bo-yong Park, Mi ji Lee, Chin-sang cung, jihoon cha, hyunjin Park [Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine   183(2020) ]


Effect of Prior Direction Expectation on the Accuracy and Precision of Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements

Seolmin Kim, Jeongjun Park, and Joonyeol Lee [Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience   13(2019) ]


Ensemble representations reveal distinct neural coding of visual working memory

Byung-Il Oh, Yee-Joon Kim, Min-Suk Kang [Nature Communications   10(1)(2019) ]


A Soft Housing Needle Ultrasonic Transducer for Focal Stimulation to Small Animal Brain

TAEWON CHOI, SUNGJUN BAE, MINAH SUH, JINHYOUNG PARK [Annals of Biomedical Engineering   (2019) ]


Synthesizing diffusion tensor imaging from functional MRI using fully convolutional networks

Seongjin Son, Bo-yong park, Kyoungseob Byeon, and Hyunjin Park [Computers in Biology and Medicine   (2019) ]


Prevalence and Impact of Venous and Arterial Thromboembolism in Patients With Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source With or Without Active Cancer

Jongmok Ha, Mi Ji Lee, Suk Jae Kim, Bo-yong Park, Hyunjin Park, Soohyun Cho, Jong-Won Chung, Woo-Keun Seo, Gyeong-Moon Kim, Oh Young Bang, and Chin-Sang Chung [Journal of the American Heart Association   8(21)(2019) ]