IBS Institute for Basic Science

Optical imaging and computational analysis of neural circuits

Young-Gyu Yoon, Ph.D.

May 14(Thu) - May 14(Thu), 2020


ZOOM (ID: 728-142-6028 )

Neuro@noon Seminar

Date:  12:00 PM, Thursday, May 14th

Place: ZOOM  

ZOOM 회의 참가 ID: 728-142-6028

Speaker:  Young-Gyu Yoon, Ph.D.

Department of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, Korea

Title: Optical imaging and computational analysis of neural circuits




Neuroscience always has been a heavily technology-starved field that has been often revolutionized with the rise of a new technology, and arguably the future advancement of neuroscience will also depend largely on the development of new technologies that allow acquiring new data sets that can provide deeper insights into the brain. This talk describes a study that aims to develop such technologies that allow to see and analyze the large networks structure and dynamics with the single neuron resolution. The core strategy is to use optical microscopy to acquire the raw data and to infer the information of our interests with computational techniques with designing both optical and computational parts with each other in mind to maximize the synergy.