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Cognition-Emotion Interaction and Risk for Anxiety and Depression

Juyoen Hur, Ph.D.

September 23(Thu) - September 23(Thu), 2021


ZOOM (ID: 728-142-6028)

Neuro@noon Seminar

Date:  12PM, Thursday, September 23rd

Place: ZOOM  

ZOOM 회의 참가 ID: 728-142-6028

Speaker:  Juyoen Hur, Ph.D.

(Department of Psychology, Yonsei Univ.)

Title: Cognition-Emotion Interaction and Risk for Anxiety and Depression


Broadly speaking, my research aims to understand the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms that confer risk for the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders and depression. Using an experimental psychopathology approach and a broad spectrum of tools (e.g., fMRI, EMA, behavioral assays), my work focuses on how alterations in affect, cognitive control and their interaction, help explain some of the key pathways to the emergence of these clinical conditions. Here, I present several representative behavioral and fMRI studies I have conducted on this topic. This line of work promises to address fundamental questions about the interplay of emotion and cognition and to identify novel treatment targets for anxiety disorders and depression.