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[NEWS] CNIR 이승균 교수, 'Magnetic Resonance in Medicine' 뉴스레터 인터뷰

Writer : Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research RegDate : 2017-11-30 Hit:5268



우리연구단 이승균교수님의 인터뷰가 'Magnetic Resonance in Medicine' 12월호 뉴스레터에 실렸습니다. 'Magnetic Resonance in Medicine'은 ISMRM(International Society for Margnetic Resonance in Medicine)에서 발행하는 학술지로, 이승균교수는 Deputy Editor로 참여하고 있습니다.


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Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Features:

Meet the Deputy Editor

This month we feature Seung-Kyun Lee, Ph.D., who has been Deputy Editor with us since 2016. At the  ISMRM Annual Meeting, SK has served as an abstract reviewer, session moderator, and Weekend Educational Session speaker.


SK writes: "I was introduced to the great world of Magnetic Resonance when I was a graduate student at the Physics Department at University of California, Berkeley. I was in a team to develop a micro-tesla MRI device using a SQUID (that’s superconducting quantum interference device). Prof. John Clarke, my then thesis advisor, introduced me to the late Prof. Erwin Hahn in 2002, and the three of us would discuss how to polarize and detect spins without a large magnet and perhaps, with only rotating fields. For me this was an incredibly valuable time to learn MR from the first principles. My research horizon then widened to Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and industrial research through my work at GE Global Research from 2008. A magnet-free MRI was too far a shot for a clinical scanner, so our team instead developed a compact 3T MRI, which was delivered to Mayo Clinic in 2016. Now back in academia in my native country, I have my own lab at Sungkyunkwan University in Suwon, Korea. As a physicist, I marvel at how the field of MR developed from a pure physical science to a life-saving technology transforming medicine. As a Deputy Editor at Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, I am trying to serve and give back what little I can to a Society that has given me so much in my professional growth.


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