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[Notice] Brain 2019 Satellite Workshop Registration

Writer : Center for Neuroscience Imaging Research RegDate : 2019-06-25 Hit:8755


Date :  July 9,10, 2019

Venue : Lecture Hall, Medicine School, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon

Contact : IBS CNIR (031-299-4400 jangmr@skku.edu)


Program : 


session 1. Functional neuroimaging across species and scales (Chair: Seong-Gi Kim)

session 2. Optical imaging of the neurogliovascular unit I (Chair: Anna Devor)

session 3. Multi-modal neuroimaging: fMRI, Optics, Calcium & Optogenetics  (Chair: Sung-Hong Park)

session 4. Integrative views of the neurogliovascular unit (Chair: Yong Jeong)

session 5. Functional neuroimaging across diseases (Chair: Kazuto Masamoto)

session 6. Novel MRI methods for physiology and metabolism (Chair: Jung Hee Lee)

session 7. Optical imaging of the neurogliovascular unit II (Chair: Iwao Kanno )

session 8. Optical imaging of the neurogliovascular unit III (Chair: Munah Suh )


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