IBS Institute for Basic Science

  • Jang-Yeon Park
  • Associate Professor
  • Magnetic resonance imaging and its applications, Biophysics
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • jyparuskku.edu
  • http://www.mrair.net/
  • CV


Lab Name: MR Advanced Imaging Research Lab (MR.AIR)



We are always open to new possibilities for MR technical development and application to basic sciences as well as preclinical/clinical studies. We have recently been working on ultrashort echo-time (UTE) imaging with radial sampling and ultrafast imaging using spatiotemporal encoding. Among various UTE applications, we are now interested in its use in fMRI as well as lung imaging. Regarding ultrafast imaging, we recently developed a 3D gradient-echo-based ultrafast imaging technique using spatiotemporal encoding and are trying to find interesting applications (e.g. in fMRI).


Selected Recent Publication

1. J-Y Park, L DelaBarre, M Garwood*, “Improved gradient-echo 3D magnetic resonance imaging using pseudo-echoes created by frequency-swept pulses”, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 55: 848-857, 2006.

(Cf. D Idiyatullin, C Corum, J-Y Park, M Garwood*, “Fast and quiet MRI using a swept radiofrequency”, Journal of Magnetic Resonance 181: 342-349, 2006 (“SWIFT”); R Chamberlain, J-Y Park, C Corum, E Yacoub, K Ugurbil, C Jack Jr., M Garwood*, “RASER: A new ultrafast magnetic resonance imaging method”, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 58: 794-799, 2007.


2. J-Y Park*, M Garwood, “Spin-echo MRI using p/2 and p hyperbolic secant pulses”, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 61: 175-187, 2009.


3. J-Y Park*, S Moeller, U Goerke, E Auerbach, R Chamberlain, J Ellermann, M Garwood, “Short TE 3D radial gradient-echo MRI using concurrent dephasing and excitation”, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 67: 428-436, 2012.


4. Y Lee, Y Han, H-W Park, H Watanabe, M Garwood, J-Y Park*, “A new phase-based B1 mapping method using 2D spin-echo imaging with hyperbolic secant pulses”, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 73: 170-181, 2015.


5. J Park, T Shin, SH Yoon, JM Goo, J-Y Park*, “A radial sampling strategy for uniform k-space coverage with retrospective respiratory gating in 3D ultrashort echo-time lung imaging”, NMR in Biomedicine, in press, 2016.