IBS Institute for Basic Science


Neurophotonics Lab


We use light as a tool to understand and manipulate living biological system, aiming to address pressing problems in neuroscience. Our research theme includes but is not limited to intravital imaging techniques, optical neuromodulation, and bio-integrated photonics. We take multidisciplinary approaches integrating optics, engineering, and biomedicine.



Selected Recent Publications

1. Choi M, Choi JW, Kim S, Nizamoglu S, Hahn SK, Yun SH, "Light-guiding hydrogels for cell-based sensing and optogenetic synthesis in vivo", Nature Photonics 7(12): 987-994, 2013 (featured in Nature Photonics, Nature Methods, Nature Review of Endocrinology, Thomson Reuter, etc.).


2. Choi M, Ku T, Chung K, Yoon J, Choi C, "Minimally invasive molecular delivery into the brain using optical modulation of vascular permeability", PNAS 108(22): 9256-9261, 2011.

3. Kim JK*, Lee WM*, Kim P*, Choi M*, Jung K, Kim S, Yun SH, "Fabrication and operation of GRIN probes for in vivo fluorescence cellular imaging of internal organs in small animals",  Nature Protocols 7: 1456-1469, 2012 (*co-first author; cover article).

4. Choi M, Humar M, Kim S, Yun SH, "Step-index optical fiber made of biocompatible hydrogels",  Advanced Materials 27: 4081-4086, 2015.

5. Choi M, Lee WM, Yun SH, "Intravital microscopic interrogation of peripheral taste sensation",  Scientific Reports 5: 8661, 2015.