IBS Institute for Basic Science

  • Choong-Wan Woo
  • Assistant Professor
  • Computational, Cognitive, Affective Neuroscience, Pain, Emotions, Translational neuroimaging, fMRI
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • waniwooskku.edu
  • https://cocoanlab.github.io/
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Cocoan lab (Computational Cognitive Affective Neuroscience Laboratory)




The mission of our lab is to understand pain and emotions in the perspective of Computational, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience. We also aim to develop clinically useful neuroimaging models and tools that can be used and shared across different research groups and clinical settings.

Our main research tools include functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), psychophysiology measures (skin conductance, pupilometry, electrocardiogram, respiration), electroencephalogram (EEG), and other behavioral measures such as face recording camera, eye-tracker, etc. Most importantly, we use computational tools to model and understand our affective, cognitive, and behavioral responses.


Selected Recent Publication

1. Woo, C. -W., Chang, L. J. Lindquist, M. A., & Wager, T. D. (2017) Brain signatures and models in translational neuroimaging. Nature Neuroscience, 20, 365–377

2. Woo, C. -W., Schmidt, L., Krishnan, A., Jepma, M., Roy, M., Lindquist, M. A., Atlas, L. Y., & Wager, T. D. (2017) Quantifying cerebral contributions to pain beyond nociception. Nature Communications, 8, 14211

3. Woo, C. -W., Roy, M., Buhle, J. T. & Wager, T. D. (2015). Distinct brain systems mediate the effects of nociceptive input and self-regulation on pain. PLoS Biology. 13(1): e1002036.

4. Woo, C. -W., Koban, L., Kross, E., Lindquist, M. A., Banich, M. T., Ruzic, L., Andrews-Hanna, J. R. & Wager, T. D. (2014). Separate neural representations for physical pain and social rejection. Nature Communications, 5, 5380. doi: 10.1038/ncomms6380

5. Woo, C. -W., Krishnan, A., Wager, T. D. (2014) Cluster-extent based thresholding in fMRI analyses: Pitfalls and recommendations. NeuroImage, 91, 412-419  

6. Wager, T. D., Atlas, L. Y., Lindquist, M. A., Roy, M., Woo, C. -W. & Kross, E. (2013). An fMRI-based Neurologic Signature of Physical Pain. New England Journal of Medicine, 368 (15), 1388-1397.