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publication list

Immune cell targeting nanoparticles: a review

Na Kyeong Lee, Se-Na Kim, Chun Gwon Park [Biomaterials Research   25(1), 1-11(2021) ]


Overview of radiomics in prostate imaging and future directions

Hwan-Ho Cho, Chan Kyo Kim, Hyunjin Park [British Journal of Radiology   9(2021) ]


D* from diffusion MRI reveals a correspondence between ventricular cerebrospinal fluid volume and flow in the ischemic rodent model

Minjung Jang, SoHyun Han, HyungJoon Cho [JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM   41(11), 1-12(2021) ]


Radiomics-guided deep neural networks stratify lung adenocarcinoma prognosis from CT scans

Hwan-ho Cho, Ho Yun Lee, Eunjin Kim, Geewon Lee, Jonghoon Kim, Junmo Kwon & Hyunjin Park [Communications Biology   4, 1286-(2021) ]


Electrostatic-mechanical synergistic in situ multiscale tissue adhesion for sustainable residue-free bioelectronics interface

Da Wan Kim, Kang-Il Song, Duhwan Seong, Yeon Soo Lee, Sangyul Baik, Jin Ho Song, Heon Joon Lee, Donghee Son, and Changhyun Pang [Advanced Materials   (2021) ]


Evaluation of response to immune checkpoint inhibitors using a radiomics, lesion-level approach

Chorog Song, Hyunjin Park, Ho Yun Lee, Seunghak Lee, Joong Hyun Ahn and Se-Hoon Lee [Cancers   13(23), 6050-(2021) ]


Lead-Sealed Stretchable Underwater Perovskite-Based Optoelectronics via Self-Recovering Polymeric Nanomaterials

"Jinhyun Kim, Duhwan Seong, Hannah Kwon, Subin Jin, Hyejun Kim, Yewon Kim, Yongcheol Jeong, Kwanil Lee, Seok [ACS Nano   (2021) ]


Deactivation of the attention-shifting ventromedial prefrontal cortex during the encoding and hold phases predicts working memory performance

Mukahirwa, Josiane; Eun, Seulgi; Kang, Minsung; Yoon, Taek; Park, Kyungmo [NEUROREPORT   32(18), 1408-1415(2021) ]