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publication list

Perfusion MRI using endogenous deoxyhemoglobin as a contrast agent: Preliminary data

Julien Poublanc, Olivia Sobczyk, Reema Shafi, Ece Su Sayin, Jacob Schulman, James Duffin, Kamil Uludag, John C Wood, Chau Vu, Rohan Dharmakumar, Joseph A Fisher, David J Mikulis [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   86(6), 3012-3021(2021) ]


Rapid calculation of static magnetic field perturbation generated by magnetized objects in arbitrary orientations

Seok-Jin Yeo, So-Hee Lee, Seung-Kyun Lee [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   (2021) ]


A soft pressure sensor array based on a conducting nanomembrane

Daekwang Jung, Kyumin Kang, Hyunjin Jung, Duhwan Seong, Soojung An, Jiyong Yoon, Wooseok Kim, Mikyung Shin, Hyoung Won Baac, Sangmin Won, Changhwan Shin and Donghee Son [Micromachines   12(8)(2021) ]


Neural representations of ensemble coding in the occipital and parietal cortices

Kyeong-JinTark, Min-Suk Kang, Sang Chul Chong, Won Mok Shim [Neuroimage   245(15), 118680-(2021) ]


Cognitive and neural state dynamics of narrative comprehension

Hayoung Song, Bo-yong Park, Hyunjin Park and Won Mok Shim [The Journal of neuroscience   41(43), 8972-8990(2021) ]


A connectome-wide functional signature of trait anger

M. Justin Kim, Maxwell L. Elliott, Annchen R. Knodt, Ahmad R. Hariri [Clinical Psychological Science   (2021) ]


Post-stroke cognitive impairment: Pathophysiological insights into brain disconnectome from advanced neuroimaging analysis techniques

Lim, Jae-Sung, Lee, Jae-Joong, Woo, Choong-Wan [Journal of Stroke   23(3), 297-311(2021) ]


Short Review on Advances in Hydrogel-based Drug Delivery Strategies for Cancer Immunotherapy

Hee seung Seo, Chi-Pin James Wang, Wooram Park and Chun Gwon Park [Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine   (2021) ]