10th A Decade of New Discoveries IBS Institute for Basic Science

publication list

MR-based conductivity imaging using multiple receiver coils

Joonsung Lee, Jaewook Shin, Dong-Hyun Kim [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   76(2), 530-539(2016) ]


Improved spatial accuracy of functional maps in the rat olfactory bulb using supervised machine learning approach

Matthew C. Murphy, Alexander J. Poplawsky, Alberto L. Vazquez, Kevin C. Chan, Seong-Gi Kim, Mitsuhiro Fukuda [Neuroimage   137, 1-8(2016) ]


Gender-specific differences in PPARγ regulation of follicular helper T cell responses with estrogen

Hong-Jai Park, Hyeon-Soo Park, Jae-Ung Lee, Alfred L. M. Bothwell, Je-Min Choi [Scientific Reports   6, Article 28495-(2016) ]


A soft, transparent, freely accessible cranial window for chronic imaging and electrophysiology

Chaejeong Heo, Hyejin Park, Yong-Tae Kim, Eunha Baeg, Yong Ho Kim, Seong-Gi Kim, Minah Suh [Scientific Reports   6, Article 27818-(2016) ]


Graphene Symmetry Amplified by Designed Peptide Self-Assembly

Gina-Mirela Mustata, Yong Ho Kim, Jian Zhang, William F. DeGrado, Gevorg Grigoryan, Meni Wanunu [Biophysical Journal   110(11), 2507-2516(2016) ]


Multilayer Transfer Printing for Pixelated, Multicolor Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Bong Hoon Kim, Sooji Nam, Nuri Oh, Seong-Yong Cho, Ki Jun Yu, Chi Hwan Lee, Jieqian Zhang, Kishori Deshpande, Peter Trefonas, Jae-Hwan Kim, Jungyup Lee, Jae Ho Shin, Yongjoon Yu, Jong Bin Lim, Sang M. Won, Youn Kyoung Cho, Nam Heon Kim, Kyung Jin Seo, Heenam Lee, Tae-il Kim, Moonsub Shim, and John A. Rogers [ACS NANO   10(5), 4920-4925(2016) ]


Less is more: Semantic information survives interocular suppression when attention is diverted

Kangyong Eo, Oakyoon Cha, Sang Chul Chong, and Min-Suk Kang [Journal of Neuroscience   36(20), 5489-5497(2016) ]


Grouping influences output interference in short-term memory: a mixture modeling study

Min-Suk Kang, Byung-Il Oh [Frontiers in Psychology   7, Article 585-(2016) ]