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Protein tyrosine phosphatase conjugated with a novel transdermal delivery peptide, astrotactin 1–derived peptide recombinant protein tyrosine phosphatase (AP-rPTP), alleviates both atopic dermatitis–like and psoriasis-like dermatitis

Won-Ju Kim, Ja-Hyun Koo, Hyun-Jung Cho, Jae-Ung Lee, Ji Yun Kim, Hong-Gyun Lee, Sohee Lee, Jong Hoon Kim, Mi Seon Oh, Minah Suh, Eui-Cheol Shin, Joo Yeon Ko, Myung Hyun Sohn, Je-Min Choi [Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology   141, 137-151(2018) ]


Automatic Subretinal Fluid Segmentation of Retinal SD-OCT Images with Neurosensory Retinal Detachment Guided by Enface Fundus Imaging

Menglin Wu, Qiang Chen, XiaoJun He, Ping Li, Wen Fan, SongTao Yuan, Hyunjin Park [IEEE transactions on Biomedical Engineering   65, 87-95(2018) ]


Regulation of Chitinase-3-like-1 in T cell elicits Th1 and cytotoxic responses to inhibit lung metastasis

Do-Hyun Kim, Hong-Jai Park, Sangho Lim, Ja-Hyun Koo, Hong-Gyun Lee, Jin Ouk Choi, Ji Hoon Oh, Sang-Jun Ha, Min-Jong Kang, Chang-Min Lee, Chun Geun Lee, Jack A. Elias, and Je-Min Choi [Nature Communications   503, 1-14(2018) ]


Radiomics and its emerging role in lung cancer research, imaging biomarkers and clinical management: State of the art

Geewon Lee, Ho Yun Lee (MD, PhD), Hyunjin Park, Mark L. Schiebler,Edwin J.R. van Beek, Yoshiharu Ohno, Joon Beom Seo, Ann Leung [EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY   86, 297-307(2017) ]


Gradient Pre-Emphasis to Counteract First-Order Concomitant Fields on Asymmetric MRI Gradient Systems

Shengzhen Tao, Paul T. Weavers, Joshua D. Trzasko, Yunhong Shu, John Huston III, Seung-Kyun Lee, Louis M. Frigo, and Matt A. Bernstein [MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE   77, 2250-2262(2017) ]


Effects of tumor microenvironments on targeted delivery of glycol chitosan nanoparticles

Ji Young Yhee, Sangmin Jeon, Hong Yeol Yoon, Man Kyu Shim, Hyewon Ko d, Jiwoong Min, Jin Hee Na, Hyeyoun Chang, Hyounkoo Han, Jong-Ho Kim, Minah Suh, Hyukjin Lee, Jae Hyung Park, Kwangmeyung Kim, Ick Chan Kwon [JOURNAL OF CONTROLLED RELEASE   267, 223-231(2017) ]


Inter-vender and test-retest reliabilities of resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging: Implications for multi-center imaging studies

Hyeong Su An, Won-Jin Moon, Jae-Kyun Ryu, Ju Yeon Park, Won Sung Yun, Jin Woo Choi, Geon-Ho Jahng, Jang-Yeon Park [MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING   44, 125-130(2017) ]


Cellular Behavior Controlled by Bio-Inspired and Geometry-Tunable Nanohairs

Chaejeong Heo, Chanho Jeong, Hyeon Seong Im, Jong Uk Kim, Juhyun Woo, Ji Yeon Lee, Byeonghak Park, Minah Suh, and Tae-il Kim [Nanoscale   9(45), 17743-17751(2017) ]