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Nature-Inspired Construction of Two-Dimensionally Self-Assembled Peptide on Pristine Graphene

Young Hyun No, Nam Hyeong Kim, Bramaramba Gnapareddy, Bumjoon Choi, Yong-Tae Kim, Sreekantha Reddy Dugasani, One-Sun Lee, Kook-Han Kim, Young-Seon Ko, Seungwoo Lee, Sang Woo Lee, Sung Ha Park, Kilho Eom, Yong Ho Kim [Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters   8(16), 3734-3739(2017) ]


Enhancing sensitivity of pH-weighted MRI with combination of amide and guanidyl CEST

Tao Jin, Ping Wang, T. Kevin Hitchens, Seong-Gi Kim [NeuroImage   157, 341-350(2017) ]


Occipital, parietal, and frontal cortices selectively maintain task-relevant features of multi-feature objects in visual working memory

Qing Yu, Won Mok Shim [NeuroImage   157, 97-107(2017) ]


Neuroimaging biomarkers to associate obesity and negative emotions

Bo-yong Park, Jisu Hong, Hyunjin Park [Scientific Reports   7, Aricle 7664, 1-7(2017) ]


Distortion correction in diffusion weighted imaging of the breast: performance assessment of prospective, retrospective and combined approaches

Ileana Hancu, Seung-Kyun Lee, Keith Hulsey, Robert Lenkinski, Dominic Holland, Jonathan I. Sperl, Ek T. Tan [Magnetic resonance in medicine   78(1), 247-253(2017) ]


Cobll1 is linked to drug resistance and blastic transformation in chronic myeloid leukemia

H Kim [Leukemia   31(7), 1532-1539(2017) ]


Parametric response mapping of dynamic CT: Enhanced prediction of survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with transarterial chemoembolization

Seung Joon Choi, Jonghoon Kim, Hyung Sik Kim, Hyunjin Park [Abdominal Radiology   42(7), 1871-1879(2017) ]

Porphyria cutanea tarda, Iron, Fat, Liver, MRI


Amperometric microsensors monitoring glutamate evoked in-situ responses of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide from live human neuroblastoma cells

Yejin Ha, Chaejeong Heo, Juhyun Woo, Hyunwoo Ryu, Youngmi Lee and Minah Suh [Sensors   17(7), Article1661, 1-11(2017) ]

amperometric sensor; nitric oxide; carbon monoxide; neuroblastoma cells; glutamate stimulation