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publication list

Repeated oral administration of human serum albumin protects from the cerebral ischemia in rat brain following MCAO

Hyejin Park, Minyoung Hong, Gil-Ja Jhon, Youngmi Lee, Minah Suh [Experimental Neurobiology   26(3), 151-157(2017) ]

Neuroprotection; Hypoxia; MCAO (Middle cerebral artery occlusion); Human serum albumin; Optical recording of intrinsic signal


Phase Imaging with Multiple Phase-Cycled Balanced Steady-State Free Precession at 9.4T

Jae-Woong Kim, Seong-Gi Kim and Sung-Hong Park [NMR in Biomedicine   30(6), e3699, 1-10(2017) ]


Spatiotemporal microstructural white matter changes in diffusion tensor imaging after transient focal ischemic stroke in rats

Won‐Beom Jung, Yong Hee Han, Julius Juhyun Chung, Sun Young Chae, Sung Hoon Lee, Geun Ho Im, JiHoon Cha, Jung Hee Lee [NMR in Biomedicine   30(6), e3704, 1-9(2017) ]


Prolonged interruption of cognitive control of conflict processing over human faces by task-irrelevant emotion expression

Jinyoung Kim, Min-Suk Kang, Yang Seok Cho, Sang-Hun Lee [Frontiers in Psychology   8, Article 1024, 1-14(2017) ]

emotion expression, cognitive control, emotional saliency, emotion regulation, emotional conflict, selective attention, human face, congruency effect


An indirect method for in vivo T-2 mapping of [1-C-13] pyruvate using hyperpolarized C-13 CSI

Eunhae Joe, Hansol Lee, Joonsung Lee, Seungwook Yang, Young-Suk Choi, Eunkyung Wang, Ho-Taek Song, Dong-Hyun Kim [NMR in Biomedicine   30(5), e3690, 1-8(2017) ]


Indirect Pathway of Caudal Basal Ganglia for Rejection of Valueless Visual Objects

Hyoung F. Kim, Hidetoshi Amita, Okhide Hikosaka [Neuron   94(4), 920-930(2017) ]

Basal ganglia, Globus pallidus external segment, Striatum, Macaque monkey, Indirect pathway, Direct pathway, Decision-making, Long-term memory, Reward value, Visual object


Imaging genetics approach to Parkinson’s disease and its correlation with clinical score

Mansu Kim, Jonghoon Kim, Seung-Hak Lee & Hyunjin Park [Scientific Reports   7, Article 46700, 1-10(2017) ]


Peripheral target identification performance modulates eye movements

Min-Suk Kang, Sori Kim, Kyoung-Min Lee [Vision Research   133, 81-86(2017) ]

Eye movement, Inhibition