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Imaging phenotyping using radiomics to predict micropapillary pattern within lung adenocarcinoma

So Hee Song, Hyunjin Park, Geewon Lee, Ho Yun Lee, Insuk Sohn, Hye Seung Kim, Seung Hak Lee, Ji Yun Jeong, Jhingook Kim, Kyung Soo Lee, Young Mog Shim [Journal of Thoracic Oncology   12(4), 624-632(2017) ]

Lung adenocarcinoma, Micropapillary, Computed tomography, Quantitative imaging, Radiomics


Unexpected global impact of VTA dopamine neuron activation as measured by opto-fMRI

S Lohani, AJ Poplawsky, S-G Kim, B Moghaddam [Molecular Psychiatry   22(4), 585-594(2017) ]


Full Analytical Solution of the Bloch Equation When Using a Hyperbolic-Secant Driving Function

Jinjin Zhang, Michael Garwood, and Jang-Yeon Park [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   77(4), 04 , 1630-1638(2017) ]


Building better biomarkers: brain models in translational neuroimaging

Choong-Wan Woo, Luke J Chang, Martin A Lindquist & Tor D Wager [Nature Neuroscience   20(3), 03 , 365-377(2017) ]

Biomarkers, Neuroscience


Frontal-brainstem pathways mediating placebo effects on social rejection

Leonie Koban, Ethan Kross, Choong-Wan Woo, Luka Ruzic, and Tor D. Wager [Journal of Neuroscience   37(13), 03 , 3621-3631(2017) ]

emotion regulation, nociception, opioid, placebo, resilience, social


Structural and functional connectional fingerprints in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer`s disease patients

Seong-Jin Son, Jonghoon Kim, Hyunjin Park [Plos one   12(3), 03 , Article 0173426-(2017) ]


Agreement between functional connectivity and cortical thickness-driven correlation maps of the medial frontal cortex

Hyunjin Park, Yeong-Hun Park, Jungho Cha, Sang Won Seo, Duk L. Na, Jong-Min Lee [Plos one   12(3), 03 , Article 0171803-(2017) ]


Nuclear Paramagnetism-Induced MR Frequency Shift and Its Implications for MR-Based Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement

Jinil Park, Jeongtaek Lee, Jang-Yeon Park, and Seung-Kyun Lee [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   77(2), 848-854(2017) ]