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publication list

Ultra-mechanically stable and transparent conductive electrodes using transferred grid of Ag nanowires on flexible substrate

Hyejin Jang, Dongjae Kim, Hyowon Tak, Jaewook Nam, Tae-il Kim [Current Applied Physics   16(1), 24-30(2016) ]

Ag nanowire, Transparent conductive film, Flexible electronics, Transfer printing


Chronic Stress Decreases Cerebrovascular Responses During Rat Hindlimb Electrical Stimulation

Sohee Lee, Bok-Man Kang, Min-Kyoo Shin, Jiwoong Min, Chaejeong Heo, Yubu Lee, Eunha Baeg and Minah Suh [FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE   9(2015) ]


Bioorthogonal click chemistry-based synthetic cell glue

Heebeom Koo, Myunghwan Choi, Eunha Kim, Sei Kwang Hahn, Ralph W eissleder, Seok Hyun Yun [Small   11(48), 6458-6466(2015) ]


Frontoparietal EEG alpha-phase synchrony reflects differential attentional demands during word recall and oculomotor dual-tasks

Gusang Kwon, Min-Young Kim, Sanghyun Lim, Hyukchan Kwon, Yong-Ho Lee, Kiwoong Kim, Eun-Ju Lee, Minah Suh [Neuroreport   26(18), 1161-1167(2015) ]

alpha-phase synchrony, dual-task, electroencephalography,


Layer-Specific fMRI Responses to Excitatory and Inhibitory Neuronal Activities in the Olfactory Bulb

Alexander John Poplawsky, Mitsuhiro Fukuda, Matthew Murphy, Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Neuroscience   35(46), 15263-15275(2015) ]

BOLD fMRI, cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume fMRI, GABA, hemodynamic response


Structural and functional brain connectivity of people with obesity and prediction of body mass index using connectivity

Bo-yong Park, Jongbum Seo, Juneho Yi, Hyunjin Park [PLoS ONE   10(11), e0141376 1-14(2015) ]


Adaptation of cortical activity to sustained pressure stimulation on the fingertip

Yoon Gi Chung, Sang Woo Han, Hyung-Sik Kim, Soon-Cheol Chung, Jang-Yeon Park, Christian Wallraven and Sung-Phil Kim [BMC NEUROSCIENCE   16, 71 1-11(2015) ]

Somatosensory cortex Tactile adaptation Pressure Functional connectivity fMRI


Permeability- and Surface-Energy-Tunable Polyurethane Acrylate Molds for Capillary Force Lithography

Dongchul Suh, Hyowon Tak, Se-jin Choi, and Tae-il Kim [ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces   7(43), 23824-23830(2015) ]

capillary force lithography; degree of cross-linking; permeability; surface energy; micro/nanostructure