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publication list

Direct visualization and characterization of the human zona incerta and surrounding structures

Jonathan C. Lau, Yiming Xiao, Roy A. M. Haast, Greydon Gilmore, Kâmil Uludag, Keith W. MacDougall, Ravi S. Menon, Andrew G. Parrent, Terry M. Peters, Ali R. Khan [HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING   , 1-18(2020) ]



Prediction of tumor doubling time of lung adenocarcinoma using radiomic margin characteristics

Hyun Jung Yoon, Hyunjin Park, Ho Yun Lee, Insuk Sohn, Joonghyun Ahn & Seung-Hak Lee [Thoracic Cancer   11(9), 2600-2609(2020) ]


Pain-Evoked Reorganization in Functional Brain Networks

Weihao Zheng, Choong-Wan Woo, Zhijun Yao, Pavel Goldstein, Lauren Y. Atlas, Mathieu Roy, Liane Schmidt, Anjali Krishnan, Marieke Jepma, Bin Hu and Tor D. Wager [CEREBRAL CORTEX   30(5), 2804-2822(2020) ]


Brain functional connectivity changes by low back extension pain model in low back pain patients

Seulgi Eun, Jeungchan Lee, Eun-Mo Song, Alexandra De Rosa, Jun-Hwan Lee, Kyungmo Park [PLoS ONE   15(6), 1-16(2020) ]


Marginal radiomics features as imaging biomarkers for pathological invasion in lung adenocarcinoma

Hwan-Ho Cho, Geewon Lee, Ho Yun Lee, Hyunjin Park [European Radiology   (2020) ]


Aerobic Exercise Training Improves Cerebral Blood Flow and Executive Function: A Randomized, Controlled Cross-Over Trial in Sedentary Older Men

Jordi P. D. Kleinloog, Ronald P. Mensink, Dimo Ivanov, Jos J. Adam, Kamil Uludag and Peter J. Joris [Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience   11(2020) ]


Locus coeruleus imaging as a biomarker for noradrenergic dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases

Matthew J. Betts, Evgeniya Kirilina, Maria C.G. Otaduy, Dimo Ivanov,Kamil Uludag, etc [BRAIN   142, 2558-2571(2020) ]


Predicting Trial-By-Trial Variation in Oculomotor Behavior Using Multivariate Electroencephalography Theta Phase

Woojae Jeong, Seolmin Kim, Yee-Joon Kim, Joonyeol Lee [IEEE Access   8, 65544-65533(2020) ]