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publication list

Predicting amyloid positivity in patients with mild cognitive impairment using a radiomics approach

"Jun Pyo Kim, Jonghoon Kim, Hyemin Jang, Jaeho Kim, [Scientific Reports   11(1), 1-9(2021) ]


A multi-inversion multi-echo spin and gradient echo echo planar imaging sequence with low image distortion for rapid quantitative parameter mapping and synthetic image contrasts

Mary Kate Manhard, Jason Stockmann, Congyu Liao, Daniel Park, Sohyun Han, Merlin Fair, Maaike van den Boomen, Jon Polimeni, Berkin Bilgic, Kawin Setsompop [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   86(2), 866-880(2021) ]


Altered task-evoked corticolimbic responsivity in generalized anxiety disorder

Nayoung Kim and M. Justin Kim [International Journal of Molecular Sciences   22(7), 1-11(2021) ]


Tumor margin contains prognostic information: Radiomic margin characteristics analysis in lung adenocarcinoma patients

Geewon Lee, Hyunjin Park , Ho Yun Lee, Joong Hyun Ahn , Insuk Sohn , Seung-Hak Lee and Jhingook Kim [Cancers   13(7)(2021) ]


Differences in subcortico-cortical interactions identified from connectome and microcircuit models in autism

Bo-yong Park, Seok-Jun Hong, Sofie L. Valk, Casey Paquola, Oualid Benkarim, Richard A. I. Bethlehem, Adriana Di Martino, Michael P. Milham, Alessandro Gozzi, B. T. Thomas Yeo, Jonathan Smallwood & Boris C. Bernhardt [Nature Communications   12, 1-15(2021) ]


A structural enriched functional network: an application to predict brain cognitive performance

Mansu Kim, JingxuanBao, KefeiLiu, Bo-yong Park, Hyunjin Park, Jae Young Baik, Li Shen [Medical Image Analysis   71, 1-10(2021) ]


Durable and fatigue-resistant soft peripheral neuroprosthetics for in vivo bi-directional signaling

Hyunseon Seo, Sang Ihn Han, Kang-Il Song, Duhwan Seong, Kyungwoo Lee, Sun Hong Kim, Taesung Park, Ja Hoon Koo, Mikyung Shin, Hyoung Won Baac, Ok Kyu Park, Soong Ju Oh, Hyung-Seop Han, Hojeong Jeon, Yu-Chan Kim, Dae-Hyeong Kim, Taeghwan Hyeon, Donghee Son [Advanced Materials   (2021) ]


Multicentric tracking of multiple agents by anterior cingulate cortex during pursuit and evasion

Seng Bum Michael Yoo, Jiaxin Cindy Tu, and Benjamin Yost Hayden [Nature Communications   (2021) ]