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publication list

Role of anterior cingulate cortex inputs to periaqueductal gray for pain avoidance

Jeong-Yun Lee, Taeyi You, Choong-Hee Lee, Geun Ho Im, Heewon Seo, Choong-Wan Woo, Seong-Gi Kim [Current Biology   (2022) ]


Long-range functional connections mirror and link microarchitectural and cognitive hierarchies in the human brain

Yezhou Wang, Jessica Royer, Bo-yong Park, Reinder Vos de Wael, Sara Larivière, Shahin Tavakol, Raul Rodriguez-Cruces, Casey Paquola, Seok-Jun Hong, Daniel S Margulies, Jonathan Smallwood, Sofie L Valk, Alan C Evans, Boris C Bernhardt [Cerebral Cortex   (2022) ]


Pallidal Structural Changes Related with Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease

Jinyoung Youn, Mansu Kim, Suyeon Park, Ji Sun Kim, Hyunjin Park and Jin Whan Cho [Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience   14, 781883-(2022) ]


Population heterogeneity in clinical cohorts affects the predictive accuracy of brain imaging

Oualid Benkarim, Casey Paquola, Bo-yong Park, Valeria Kebets, Seok-Jun Hong, Reinder Vos de Wael, Shaoshi Zhang, B. T. Thomas Yeo, Michael Eickenberg, Tian Ge, Jean-Baptiste Poline, Boris C. Bernhardt, Danilo Bzdok [PLoS Biology   20(4), e3001627-(2022) ]


Customized Radiofrequency Phased-Array Coil Combining Transmit-Only, Receive-Only, and Transmit/Receive Coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Visual Cortex at 7 Tesla

Hyeong-Seop Kim, Byung-Pan Song, Royoung Kim, Woo-Chul Choi, Donghyuk Kim, Won Mok Shim, Kyoung-Nam Kim, and Seung-Kyun Lee [IEEE Access   10, 42083-42093(2022) ]


Incremental benefits of size-zone matrix-based radiomics features for the prognosis of lung adenocarcinoma: advantage of spatial partitioning on tumor evaluation

Eunjin Kim, Geewon Lee, Seung-hak Lee, Hwanho Cho, Ho Yun Lee & Hyunjin Park [European Radiology   (2022) ]


Genetic and phylogenetic uncoupling of structure and function in human transmodal cortex

Sofie L. Valk, Ting Xu, Casey Paquola, Bo-yong Park, Richard A. I. Bethlehem, Reinder Vos de Wael, Jessica Royer, Shahrzad Kharabian Masouleh, Şeyma Bayrak, Peter Kochunov, B. T. Thomas Yeo, Daniel Margulies, Jonathan Smallwood, Simon B. Eickhoff & Boris C. Bernhardt [Nature Communications   13(1), 2341-(2022) ]


Decomposing MRI phenotypic heterogeneity in epilepsy: a step towards personalized classification

Hyo Min Lee, Fatemeh Fadaie, Ravnoor Gill, Benoit Caldairou, Viviane Sziklas, Joelle Crane, Seok-Jun Hong, Boris C Bernhardt, Andrea Bernasconi, Neda Bernasconi [BRAIN   145(3), 897-908(2022) ]