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publication list

Resolving laminar activation in human V1 using ultra-high spatial resolution fMRI at 7T

Kamil [Scientific Reports   8(2018) ]


Classification of the glioma grading using radiomics analysis

H. Cho, S.-H. Lee, J. Kim, and H. Park [PeerJ   8, 12-(2018) ]


Data Visualization using Linear and Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction Methods

Junsuk Kim, Joo-Sang Youn [한국컴퓨터정보학회논문지   23, 21-26(2018) ]


Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity Changes Between People With Abdominal and Non-abdominal Obesity and Their Association With Behaviors of Eating Disorders

Bo-yong Park 1,2 , Mi Ji Lee 3 , Mansu Kim 1,2 , Se-Hong Kim 4 and Hyunjin Park 2,5 * [Frontiers in Neuroscience   (2018) ]


Microsphere-based interferometric optical probe

Jo Y, Kwon J, Kim M, Choi W, Choi M [Nature Communications   9, 4577-(2018) ]


Improving collection efficiency in two-photon endoscopy with reflective waveguiding

Han J, Lee S, Choi P, Wu J, Lee K, Dai Q, Park J, Lee KB, Choi M [Optics Express   26, 32365+T57:Y57-32373(2018) ]


Efficient Experimental Design for Measuring Magnetic Susceptibility of Arbitrarily Shaped Materials by MRI

Seon-ha Hwang, Seung-Kyun Lee [Investigative Magnetic Resonance Imaging   22, 141-149(2018) ]


Prospects of deep learning for medical imaging

Jonghoon Kim, Jisu Hong, Hyunjin Park [Precision and Future Medicine   2, 37-52(2018) ]