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publication list

Radiomics signature on magnetic resonance imaging: Association with disease-free survival in patients with invasive breast cancer

Hyunjin Park, Yaeji Lim, Eun Sook Ko, Hwan-ho Cho, Jeong Eon Lee, Boo-Kyung Han, Eun Young Ko, Ji Soo Choi, Ko Woon Park [Clinical Cancer Research   (2018) ]


Chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock (CESL) MRI of glucose and analogs in brain tumors

Tao Jin, Bistra Iordanova, T. Kevin Hitchens, Michel Modo, Ping Wang, [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   80, 488-495(2018) ]


Rapid, theoretically artifact-free calculation of static magnetic field induced by voxelated susceptibility distribution in an arbitrary volume of interest

Seung-Kyun Lee, Seon-ha Hwang, Ji-Seong Barg, Seok-Jin Yeo [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   Early view(2018) ]


Biophysics of BOLD fMRI Investigated with Animal Models

Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Magnetic Resonance   292, 82-89(2018) ]


Chemical exchange-sensitive spin-lock MRI of glucose analog 3-O-methyl-D-glucose in normal and ischemic brain

Tao Jin, Hunter Mehrens, Ping Wang, and Seong-Gi Kim [Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism   38, 869-880(2018) ]


Intracellularly Activatable Nanovasodilators To Enhance Passive Cancer Targeting Regime.

Deepagan VG, Ko H, Kwon S, Rao NV, Kim SK, Um W, Lee S, Min J, Lee J, Choi KY, Shin S, Suh M, Park JH. [Nano Letters   18, 8 , 2637-2644(2018) ]


Ultrasmall gold nanosatellite-bearing transformable hybrid nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration

Son S, Deepagan VG, Shin S, Ko H, Min J, Um W, Jeon J, Kwon S, Lee ES, Suh M, Lee DS, Park JH. [Acta Biomater   19, 08 (2018) ]

Deep tumor penetration; Drug distribution; Hybrid nanoparticles; Ultrasmall gold nanoparticles; pH-responsive polymers


Real-time in vivo two-photon imaging study reveals decreased cerebro-vascular volume and increased blood-brain barrier permeability in chronically stressed mice

Lee S, Kang BM, Kim JH, Min J, Kim HS, Ryu H, Park H, Bae S, Oh D, Choi M, Suh M. [Scientific Reports   8, Article 13064, 08 , 1-14(2018) ]