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Automation of Pattern Recognition Analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Data to Characterize Intratu moral Vascular Heterogeneity

SoHyun Han, Radka Stoyanova, Hansol Lee, Sean D. Carlin, Jason A. Koutcher, HyungJoon Cho, and Ellen Ackerstaff [Magnetic Resonance in Medicine   79, 1736-1744(2018) ]


Childhood maltreatment is associated with increased neural response to ambiguous threatening facial expressions in adulthood: Evidence from the late positive potential

Aislinn Sandre, Paige Ethridge, Insub Kim, Anna Weinberg [Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience   18, 143-154(2018) ]


Dynamic functional connectivity analysis reveals improved association between brain networks and eating behaviors compared to static analysis

Bo-yong Park, Taesup Moon, Hyunjin Park [Behavioural Brain Research   337, 114-121(2018) ]


Protein tyrosine phosphatase conjugated with a novel transdermal delivery peptide, astrotactin 1–derived peptide recombinant protein tyrosine phosphatase (AP-rPTP), alleviates both atopic dermatitis–like and psoriasis-like dermatitis

Won-Ju Kim, Ja-Hyun Koo, Hyun-Jung Cho, Jae-Ung Lee, Ji Yun Kim, Hong-Gyun Lee, Sohee Lee, Jong Hoon Kim, Mi Seon Oh, Minah Suh, Eui-Cheol Shin, Joo Yeon Ko, Myung Hyun Sohn, Je-Min Choi [Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology   141, 137-151(2018) ]


Automatic Subretinal Fluid Segmentation of Retinal SD-OCT Images with Neurosensory Retinal Detachment Guided by Enface Fundus Imaging

Menglin Wu, Qiang Chen, XiaoJun He, Ping Li, Wen Fan, SongTao Yuan, Hyunjin Park [IEEE transactions on Biomedical Engineering   65, 87-95(2018) ]


Regulation of Chitinase-3-like-1 in T cell elicits Th1 and cytotoxic responses to inhibit lung metastasis

Do-Hyun Kim, Hong-Jai Park, Sangho Lim, Ja-Hyun Koo, Hong-Gyun Lee, Jin Ouk Choi, Ji Hoon Oh, Sang-Jun Ha, Min-Jong Kang, Chang-Min Lee, Chun Geun Lee, Jack A. Elias, and Je-Min Choi [Nature Communications   503, 1-14(2018) ]


Radiomics and its emerging role in lung cancer research, imaging biomarkers and clinical management: State of the art

Geewon Lee, Ho Yun Lee (MD, PhD), Hyunjin Park, Mark L. Schiebler,Edwin J.R. van Beek, Yoshiharu Ohno, Joon Beom Seo, Ann Leung [EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY   86, 297-307(2017) ]


Gradient Pre-Emphasis to Counteract First-Order Concomitant Fields on Asymmetric MRI Gradient Systems

Shengzhen Tao, Paul T. Weavers, Joshua D. Trzasko, Yunhong Shu, John Huston III, Seung-Kyun Lee, Louis M. Frigo, and Matt A. Bernstein [MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE   77, 2250-2262(2017) ]