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Radiomics in Breast Imaging from Techniques to Clinical Applications: A Review.

Seung-Hak Lee, Hyunjin Park, Eun Sook Ko [Korean Journal of Radiology   21, 779-792(2020) ]


Restorative Mechanism of Neural Progenitor Cells Overexpressing Arginine Decarboxylase Genes Following Ischemic Injury

Jae Young Kim, Jong Youl Kim, Jae Hwan Kim, Hosung Jung, Won Taek Lee, and Jong Eun Lee [Experimental Neurobiology   28, 85-103(2019) ]


High-resolution numerical simulation of respiration-induced dynamic B0 shift in the head in high-field MRI

So-Hee Lee, Ji-Seong Barg, Seok-Jin Yeo, Seung-Kyun Lee [Investigative Magnetic Resonance Imaging   (2019) ]


Data Visualization using Linear and Non-linear Dimensionality Reduction Methods

Junsuk Kim, Joo-Sang Youn [한국컴퓨터정보학회논문지   23, 21-26(2018) ]


Cerebral Hemodynamics and Vascular Reactivity in Mild and Severe Ischemic Rodent Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Stroke Models

Jeongeun Sim, Areum Jo, Bok-Man Kang, Sohee Lee, Oh Young Bang, Chaejeong Heo, Gil-Ja Jhon, Youngmi Lee, Minah Suh [Experimental Neurobiology   25(3), 130-138(2016) ]


A New Tailored Sinc Pulse and Its Use for Multiband Pulse Design

Jinil Park, Jang-Yeon Park [Investigative MRI   20, 27-35(2016) ]

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