IBS Institute for Basic Science

Closed-loop Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease

Ji-Woong Choi, Ph.D.

June 3(Thu) - June 3(Thu), 2021


ZOOM (ID: 728-142-6028)

Neuro@noon Seminar

Date:  12PM, Thursday, Jun 3rd

Place: ZOOM  

ZOOM 회의 참가 ID: 728-142-6028

Speaker:  Ji-Woong Choi, Ph.D.

(Department of Information and Communication Engineering, DIGIST)

Title: Closed-loop Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease



Deep brain stimulation (DBS) refers to a neurosurgical process in which electrical stimulation is delivered via electrodes implanted within deep brain regions. DBS has become the most established clinical therapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients with movement disorders and other neurological and psychiatric disorders. While early DBS systems were capable of stimulation only, technological advancements have allowed for the direct assessment of dysfunctional brain activity and subsequent stimulation of the pathological circuitry. DBS can also be combined with neurochemical stimulation to address decreased concentrations of dopamine in the brain. Recent improvements in signal detection and information processing techniques have provided further insight into PD mechanisms, which may aid in the development of personalized biomarkers and in the prediction of symptoms. In this talk, recent advances and trends on closed-loop DBS will be explained, followed by the introduction of our work performed by brain engineering convergence research center (BCC), DGIST.