IBS Institute for Basic Science

Building Memories in the Structured World

Hongmi Lee, Ph.D.

November 18(Thu) - November 18(Thu), 2021


ZOOM (ID: 728-142-6028)

Neuro@noon Seminar

Date:  12PM, Thursday, November 18th

Place: ZOOM  

ZOOM 회의 참가 ID: 728-142-6028

Speaker: Hongmi Lee, Ph.D.

(Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Johns Hopkins Univ.)

Title: Building Memories in the Structured World



Life in the real world is a complex structure consisting of numerous interconnected events, each of which is an intricate mixture of agents, actions, thoughts, contexts, and their relationships with each other. In recalling a memory, the mind is able to recreate this structure, allowing a past event to be re-experienced. In this talk, I present studies examining how the human brain stores and recalls memories for naturalistic experiences with different levels of complexity, from memories of isolated pictures to narratives consisting of multiple events and ultimately, unconstrained real-life experiences. Using a variety of behavioral tasks with functional neuroimaging, I show that higher-order cortical systems encode both the specific contents of events and general cognitive operations associated with memory recall. I also demonstrate how the structure of connections and disconnections between events shapes the neural and behavioral signatures of memory.