IBS Institute for Basic Science

Computational Clinical Science: An emerging computational framework for understanding normal and aberrant states

Prof. Woo-Young Ahn

November 21(Thu) - November 21(Thu), 2019

12:00 - 13:00

# 86120

Neuro@noon Seminar
Date: 12:00 pm Thursday, November 21th

Place: #86120

Speaker: Prof. Woo-Young Ahn

Department of Psychology, Seoul National University


Title: "Computational Clinical Science: An emerging computational framework for understanding normal and aberrant states" 



Computational modeling and associated methods have greatly advanced our understanding of cognition and neurobiology underlying complex behaviors and psychiatric conditions. Yet, no computational methods have been successfully translated into clinical settings. I will review major methodological and practical challenges and potential promises and tools that have been developed in various fields including computational neuroscience, mathematical psychology, computer science, and statistics, focusing on recent studies conducted in my lab. 


Host: Prof. Choong-Wan Woo

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