IBS Institute for Basic Science

Cognitive Neuroscience Symposium

July 21(Fri) - July 21(Fri), 2017

성균관대학교 N센터 86120호

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2017. 7. 21 (금) 9:00~16:30

성균관대학교 자연과학캠퍼스 N센터 86120호



Speakers & Title


Session 1

이상훈(서울대) "Trial-to-trial probabilistic representations in the human brain during bistable perception"

심원목(성균관대) "Neural representations of ensemble statistics"

한석원(충남대) "Neural substrates of purely endogenous self-regulatory attentional control"

김초복(경북대) "Proactive activation of the frontopolar cortex can modulate the conflict adaptation effect"


Session 2

이수현(KAIST) "Differential representation of emotional scenes compared to neutral scenes during perception and retrieval"

전현애(DGIST) "Processing hierarchical structure in language and non-language domains"

김학진(고려대) "A hierarchical model of the medial prefrontal cortex in social value computation"

우충완(성균관대) "Building better neuroimaing biomarkers in basic and translational neuroscience“





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