IBS Institute for Basic Science

Optics-based imaging technologies have become indispensable in modern neuroscience due to their extremely high spatial and temporal resolutions. Furthermore, optical techniques can be easily combined with recent advances in genetic and chemical tools (e.g. two-photon microscopy combined with optogenetics applied to genetically modified animals) and offer unique solutions to tackle unresolved challenges of neuroscience at the cellular level. At CNIR, such solutions can enable microscopic-level verification of macroscopic-level technical development and physiological findings. The Neurovascular Imaging (NVI) team composed of optic/biomaterial engineers and neuroimaging experts aims at 1) developing new nano-scale in vivo optical technologies, 2) creating innovative neural-system biomaterials, and 3) dissecting functional hemodynamics in detail with microscopic optical imaging. The NVI team has a goal to perform top-notch neurovascular research and generate breakthrough in the field. The current research topics include:

  •   - Development of in vivo label-free nanoscopic optical imaging
  •   - Establishment of novel biomaterials for modulating and recording neural activity
  •   - Investigations of neurovascular coupling in normal vs. diseased brain with optical imaging