IBS Institute for Basic Science

The overarching goal of the CNIR is to understand the neural basis of cognitive behaviors, including perception, attention, and memory. To overcome methodological hurdles in human studies, we use a non-human primate as a main animal model and electrophysiology as a main research tool. Taking advantage of imaging infrastructure at the center, much of our research is guided by functional neuroimaging techniques for more precise targeting of important brain areas (functionally and anatomically) implicated in cognitive behaviors. At the same time, we fill the gaps between macro-scale brain-wide mapping studies and micro-scale molecular/subcellular studies, through high spatial and temporal resolution circuit level manipulations and recordings. Our team is composed of two units, perception in action and habitual memory. We investigate,

  •   - Impact of movement on auditory processing and perception
  •   - Cognitive control of sensory motor behaviors
  •   - Identification of memory circuit mechanism for visual habit